Put your beautiful emails in the "Cloud"

Let us take care of your emailing needs. We can help you create, send and seamlessly analyze beautiful email campaigns. Your newsletters will look awesome and we will make sure that emails you send will reach the user Inbox.


Manage your
lists & subscribers

Create as many lists as you want or import your existing lists by uploading Excel or CSV files. Once created, segment your lists to suit your targeting needs.

Create & send
beautiful newsletters

Want to design your own or customize one of our MANY templates. We make sure your newsletters are rendered correctly in any email client. Sending to a list is just one click away.

your campaigns

Track your opens, clicks and user engagement. Identify and fix all errors by automatically processing bounces and spam reports. Go beyond this and track sales and conversions (ROI).

Templates from
our Designers

Our designers work for you for FREE. We constantly update our database with beautiful looking and tested templates. Customize one template in a couple of easy steps.

Get Social
with us

Connect Email Marketing with Social Media. Let your users share, comment and like your email content. Integrates with: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In.


Dedicated IP and TLD (domain used for trackable links) is a requirement to build your sender reputation completely isolated from others.


Never worry about servers, configurations and hardware limitations. Our infrastructure scales in the cloud. It can go UP or Down according to your sending volume needs.


By using Newsman you benefit from our 11 years experience in handling large volume email servers and email campaigns. We’re always happy to help you out.

Our customers


"Before Newsman, we tried to do the send on our own. By this I mean, we bought some newslettering tool and installed on our servers. It worked for a while until our load was too high and our emails started to get blocked by major ISPs. Switching to Newsman was like getting a dedicated, highly trained person to join our team." - Karl Weyers, CEO Cabanova.com